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So I thought I would give this company a try I loved a stingray they posted for sale. I was a bit nervous about shipping a 10" stingray from pg to Agassiz but received today I nervously opened the lid to feel warmth and see two heat packs on lid. I look down to see a lot of bags, couldn't make out if the Ray was ok yet. I opened two bags both dry not a drop of water escaped the first bag. I opened the last bag low and behold she's chilling breathing normal. Very professional shipping very healthy Ray awesome job you guys highly Recommend.

Bob Cross - Agassiz

Fish looked amazing the water on the tank was super clean, they let me have duckweed and java moss for free very nice customer service and really healthy fish. Well worth the drive

Litia Tom - Prince George

I recently received some freshwater stingrays from Marc and Melanie and I couldn't be happier. They were kind enough to hold the rays until my tank stabilized, and when I finally got them, they were in tip-top shape...not only did I get quality fish, but I have continued to receive all the support I could ask for...the knowledge and product support from these two people is unparalleled in my experience..shipping to Kamloops from Prince George went off without a problem...I absolutely will be ordering from Leviathan Aquatics again, and I fully recommend them to anyone else looking for top quality exotic fish

Derek Molter - Kamloops

Very impressed with the knowledge they have. My favorite place to pick up fish and supplies. Worth going to check it out just to talk about fish :p

Ashtin Callaghan - Prince George B.C.

Thank you SO MUCH!! I have been a fish hobbyist for over 9 yrs now - still feel like a novice.... BUT i have ordered online before - and this is the first time that i saw such care and attention - even blacked out bags to reduce stress. And, all the help getting my tank ready and getting the heat up properly. Thank you both so much - YOU TWO ROCK!!!!!

Debbie P - Moristown B.C.

I have purchased Angels, plants ,sponge filter and food from LA and could not be happier with the quality and the service. they make it easy to deal long distance and go out of their way to answer any questions you may have about anything aquatic.

Laurel L - Houston B.C.

I have been purchasing my fish from Leviathan Aquatics for several months now. They are healthy and they bring in fish you do not see in the pet stores. Leviathan has the knowledge to help even the beginner on how to set up a tank and keep their fish alive and healthy. Hats off to Marc and Melanie for a job well done and please keep our fish
choices coming :)
Andria J - Prince George B.C.
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